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Subjects That Online Pest Control CEU Classes May Cover

If you work in the pest control industry, you will likely be required to take continuing education unit (CEU) classes to maintain your certification and comply with local laws. Online pest control CEU classes can give you all the information that you need to continue working in your field without having to step foot inside a classroom. Taking these online continuing education classes can offer you greater flexibility and will allow you to schedule your learning in between working and managing other responsibilities in your life. Here are some of the subjects that you will likely learn when taking online pest control CEU classes.

Current Federal and State Laws

Certain laws that are overseen by the federal or state government may change unexpectedly, and any of the online pest control CEU courses that you take can inform you of the most up-to-date laws that affect the pest control industry. There may have been changes in the equipment or types of pesticides that you're allowed to use, and your training can give you the details that you need to make any necessary changes. Being aware of the current pest control laws can help you avoid legal trouble and the consequences that you may face should you violate any of the laws. 

Pesticide Formulations

A CEU class that you take online can teach you about the different pesticide formulations and their chemical properties. You can learn more about carbon, sulfur and other chemicals that are found in many pesticides and how these chemicals interact with one another to help control pest populations. Your learning program may also include information on environmentally friendlier pest control solutions that can still do the job of eradicating pests without causing as much harm to the environment. 

Proper Pesticide Application

Knowing how to apply pesticide in the proper fashion can make each pest treatment more effective and help you avoid certain dangers. Your pesticide CEU training program can review the correct techniques for applying pesticide to help you sharpen your skills and address any shortcomings that you may still have while performing this task. Training may include information regarding the correct ways to apply pesticide to plants and trees along with surfaces that are inside and outside of buildings. 

Potential Pesticide Hazards

Pesticides may pose certain safety hazards if they come into contact with the skin or eyes or are used improperly in other ways. Your online pest control CEU classes will likely include information on the importance of avoiding contact with pesticides that increase the chances of developing respiratory problems, allergic skin reactions, and certain types of cancer. Your online training program may also review the correct ways to keep skin covered, wear a face covering, and use other safety equipment correctly while you work.

Enrolling in online pest control CEU classes can be one of the best ways to get ahead in the pest control industry and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. The wealth of information that you learn from an online CEU training program will be worth the time and money.