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Why Hands-on ACLS Training is so Important

When you are learning to provide better medical care as a nurse, you may rely on online courses or textbooks for advice. Online courses can help when you have a busy career as a nurse. However, these methods of learning only go so far and there are several reasons why you will also need the hands-on training that an onsite nursing ACLS can provide.

The Importance of Muscle Memory

Muscle memory is an important part of ACLS training. Through repetition, your muscles can develop the ability to perform certain tasks with precision. As a result, you will be more likely to carry out a system of care in a manner that won't injure your patient. 

Rather than practicing on patients, which can be very uncomfortable for them, onsite nursing ACLS programs can provide you with technologically advanced simulations that will allow you to practice using the simulation technology. 

Learn in a Low-Stress Environment

An emergency situation is too stressful for effective training to take place. Also, you will not have time to ask questions and receive thorough instruction. By participating in onsite nursing ACLS, you will be able to eliminate mistakes so that these mistakes are not performed in the workplace.

The Importance of Building Confidence

Even when you know what to do, it is important for you to also feel confident in your ability to administer your skills, especially if you are a relatively new nurse. Then you will feel less overwhelmed when you have to put these skills into practice.

ACLS Certification

When you receive an ACLS certification, you will have evidence that you have received training in advanced cardiovascular life support. You will be trained in several areas that are not covered in a BLS course. For example, you will be educated on EKG interpretation. You will learn how to properly administer drugs such as epinephrine. You will also learn how to interpret what is happening to the patient and respond quickly. 

Some of the areas you will be educated in will be codes that do not happen very often. However, when they do happen, you will need to be prepared to respond. You will also be building upon your medical knowledge in general and will be continuing your education. By building a more solid foundation, you will find it easier to obtain certifications in other areas and you will be able to further advance your career as a nurse.

For more information about onsite nursing ACLS, contact a college, such as life's good learings college, to learn more.